Thursday, December 4, 2008


I like lighthouses, mainly because they remind me much of what Jesus is to us.

I envision a seaman
Out in the vast ocean
In the darkness of the night.
The waters become tempestuous,
His ship begins to toss to and fro.
It becomes violent and he begins to despair of ever making it home.
He becomes desperate as he sees he cannot control his vessel;
Like the disciples of old when they cried out is fright because their ship was in peril.
Then far in the distance he sees a dim light of HOPE.
A beacon of the TRUTH that land is near.
He begins to have hope again that he will be SAVED,
And he prays to God for MERCY.
And, in the mist of his struggles, he sees the hand of God upon him,
Assuring him that it is true-- he is saved.

A lighthouse is all this things to a seaman HOPE, TRUST, SAVETY, MERCY, and TRUTH, just as Christ is all this things to those who trust Him.

May the Lord be a lighthouse to you today and always.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

mom's gazzete

Yesterday my baby turned 10 months old. Like all the others she has been a joy and blessing to our family. Children are a blessing from the Lord and when we view them rightly we can enjoy them as the Lord intended.

Now our family consist of

My oldest Laura, which just on the 17th of this month turned 15 is our poet and thinker. In Puerto Rico we call the 15th birthday, quinceaƱera. So she is now my quinceaƱera. She is much more than just our poet and thinker. She is also ready always to help the neede. She helps me around the house with the babies and whatever I happen to need at the time. She is a young lady of convictions, and loves to hear her father expound on biblical issues. Some of the things she loves to do are washing dishes, knitting, playing the piano, read, listen to celtic music, play with the babies, bike ride with her brother and sister, sew, dreaming of missionary life, talking,
and much more.
some of her least favorite things to do are, math, and eating, not that she doesn't eat, but most of the time she would prefer to be doing something else than to bother eating. :) hahaha this is a family joke around the house for Laura!

Next in line is Isabelle, Isa for short. She is now 13. She also has many gifts the Lord has giving her which she uses around the farm and house to help in any way she can. She loves to organize places such as closets, drawers and rooms. She also has a heart to help anyone in need, especially grandma and grandpa. She loves to help them and is always ready to run errands for us which she does quite frequently. She loves to be with Ari her brother doing hunting and just being a monkey outside, but she also loves to do girly things with Laura and mom. Her favorite things to do are playing with babies, re-arrenging furniture, planting flowers and caring for them, fishing, hunting, riding her bike with Laura and Ari, reading, eating pickled things (eggs, pepper,okra, cucumber, jalapenos etc...) sneaking away to grandma and eating sugar with her, mowing the lawn and much more.
her least favorite thing to do are, listening to history lessons, sewing clothe, washing dishes.

Next is Ariel, actually his first name is Andrew like his daddy, but we call him by his middle name Ariel, which mean "Lion of God". He is the man of the house when daddy is not home. And we enjoy watching him become more of a man the older he get. He is my all around strong helper. He does everything with the animals outside, he cares of our calfs, pigs, chickens, turkeys, dog, rabbits and whatever else we happen to have at the time. He always says, "mom is watching" which I am! But he gets nerves about that, only when he knows some things are not done to my expectation. Yes, I have a hundrend eyes, even some in my back, but what can I do, God gave me all those eyes to keep a watch over my little flock at home. I hope one day he understands why I need to be this way. "I love you son"
Anyway, some of his likings are fishing, hunting, playing with his little sisters, :) he does love that! even thought he feels overwhelmed sometimes, being the only boy, he just loves his little sisters, and his big sisters on occasion also :P. He also enjoyes being with his daddy when he is home, he loves to just being outside in nature and with bugs. His least favorite things are doing math, although he is very good at it, staying still, waiting for everyone to eat, vegetables, and mowing the lawn, unless he is using the riding mower.

Now to the little ones in the family, Bonita is our after 10 years of wanting more children baby, she is our vasectomy reversal blessing from the Lord. She is now 2 years and 4 months. She is a sweet girls indeed, when she was born, she was blue, the lack of oxygen caused her to be born in distrees and our midwife Kathy Brace actually got nervous there for a few minutes. We prayed and the Lord helped her to get thru the distress, however we did not know if the lack of oxygen had caused any damage, so we were prepare to find out as she got older, but the Lord in his mercy has giving us a bright, bright little girl, from the beggining she was actually ahead of everything the books say. She loves to do many many things, as you can imagine a two year old would, so I will only mention some, she loves to play with Isa, Ari, Laura, and MariAnna (her even younger sister) She love to sing a song that goes like this to her papa, "choclate, yumy, yumy, yumy while rubbing her tummy with her hand, that's the call to papa that is time to go to his office and give his little girl some chocolate cover raisings. :) She loves to go visit her grandma and grandpa that live next door and abuela that lives a couple of blocks away, Abuela is grandma in spanish, but she is acutally my grandma and her greatgrandma, but because they both live here, we had to make a difference between the two. She just recenlty had a cast in her arm, from a bump she received while playing outside in the swing, she did really well with the cast for the whole 4 weeks she had it on, then we decided that we would take the cast off at home, since
we pretty much knew that her writst was all well now, so daddy proceeded to cut it with some heavy duty scissors and when it was finally out she was just amazed at her arm, we had to reasured her that it was indeed all better, for she began to get worried that it was going to hurt again. Now she has her arm back and she is so happy about it. Her least favorite things to do are
eating tomatoes, being left inside the house when the kids are going outside and getting any type of bug on her.

Now last, but hopefully not least is Marianna. She is my 10 month old sweety. She loved to cry when she was born. Her father and I would have to walk up and down our living room floor so we could put her to sleep. As far as I could tell, she suffer from a lot of gas pain. We loved her just the same, even when she cried a lot. She is now much better, but we know she has a bit of a strong will and will need much tender loving care. :) She loves to eat, I mean she really loves to eat. She will scream if someone is eating or drinking something until they pay attention to her and give her some of what they have. She is also standing by herself in the middle of the floor now, actually she has been doing it for a while now. We think she will walk soon. She is pretty strong, especially in her legs, grandma says is mama's milk that makes babies so strong. I can agree with that.:P She also loves to eat our noses and pull our hers out, ouch!! She loves watermelon and she is eating just about anything we eat, except jalapenos. She has already eating, watermelon, oranges, bananas, beans, apples, applesauce, potatoes, eggs, water, rice, bread, cheereos, cookies, icecream, grapes, sweetpotatoes, green beans, carrots, peas, chicken,
cottege cheese, cheddar cheese, yougurt, one or two chocolate cover raisings that had fallen on the floor and nobody realized it, some dirt, one ball of rabbit pup, some sticks, tried to eat some marigold flowers from my garden, tomatoes, zucchinis, peppers, some of Laura's birthday cake,
and I think if I think a bit more I can remember more, but that's sufficient for now. She is of course crawling and getting into everything, the usual you shouldn't go there places such as the stairs, the wood burning stove, and the toilet water. Things she likes the least right now, papas
scolding face, the playpen, and her high chair, she rather stand than sit.

Well, this is the end of this episode of mom's gazzete, more to come later as I have time.

May the Lord grant us a gentle and quite spirit as we try to do His will everyday.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

1 Peter 3:4

"But let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God's sight is very precious." 1 Peter 3:4