Thursday, December 4, 2008


I like lighthouses, mainly because they remind me much of what Jesus is to us.

I envision a seaman
Out in the vast ocean
In the darkness of the night.
The waters become tempestuous,
His ship begins to toss to and fro.
It becomes violent and he begins to despair of ever making it home.
He becomes desperate as he sees he cannot control his vessel;
Like the disciples of old when they cried out is fright because their ship was in peril.
Then far in the distance he sees a dim light of HOPE.
A beacon of the TRUTH that land is near.
He begins to have hope again that he will be SAVED,
And he prays to God for MERCY.
And, in the mist of his struggles, he sees the hand of God upon him,
Assuring him that it is true-- he is saved.

A lighthouse is all this things to a seaman HOPE, TRUST, SAVETY, MERCY, and TRUTH, just as Christ is all this things to those who trust Him.

May the Lord be a lighthouse to you today and always.